Terms & Conditions


Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of the TEKMATION GROUP and its affiliated companies TEKTROL LLC , TEK DPRO FLOW SOLUTIONS LLC, TEKTROL SOLUTIONS BV & TEKTROL MIDDLE EAST FZC.
These Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery shall apply to all deliveries and other services provided by any company of the TEKMATION Group (“Seller”).

Buyer’s Terms and Conditions are only applicable in whole or in part, if expressly accepted by Seller in writing per letter, telecopy, or email

TEKTROL LLC corporate head office is located at:

796, Tek Drive ,
Crystal Lake, IL 60014, United States
FAX: +1 847-655-6147, Email:  tektrol@tek-trol.com 

We accept FAX, email and mail-in purchase orders.

Factory Assistance

For technical assistance, availability, pricing & support contact us at 796 Tek Drive, Crystal Lake, IL. Office between 8AM to 5PM CST weekdays Or call +1 847 857 6076


Terms of payment are net 30 days from date of invoice and are granted to customers with established credit or to those who provide satisfactory credit references. PARCEL POST, UPS, AIR AND EXPRESS SHIPMENTS ARE PREPAID AND ADDED TO INVOICE F.O.B. ORIGIN.


Prices are in U.S. dollars. All prices are exworks factory FCA IL. Freight prepaid and add unless otherwise stated on order. Federal, state, and local taxes are not included.

Quantity Discount

For volume discount, please refer to your discount sch. or contact your local Distributor or our Sales Department.

Returned Goods

No returns will be accepted without our written consent. If merchandise is returned without prior consent in writing, it will be refused. For restocking, there will be a minimum 25 percent handling charge, plus shipping charges.

Product Repair

Please contact the factory for a Return Material Authorization- (RMA) prior to returning any items. A restocking and reinspection charge applies to the return of incorrectly ordered items. Warranty covers manufacturing defects only. Excludes misapplication, abuse and tampering.


Tek-Trol ships many items from inventory, after reinspection and testing to customer configurations, for delivery the following week. We will be happy to expedite orders for same week delivery (if possible) for a nominal expedite charge. We produce to specification many items that are not carried in stock. After an order in this category has been accepted and placed in process of manufacture, no cancellations will be accepted.

General limitation on liability

Any misuse by user, mainly mis-application , corrosion failures , lightning strikes , moisture ingress etc. the manufacture will not be responsible for any damages.


Seller warrants that the product hereby purchased is upon delivery, free from material & workmanship defects and that any such product which is found defective in such workmanship or material within 12 months from date of installation or 18 months from supply (whichever is earlier) will be repaired or replaced by the seller (FCA Factory). Seller shall not be obligated under this warranty for alleged defects which examination discloses are due to tampering, misuse, neglect, improper storage, and in any case where products are disassembled by anyone other than authorized Seller’s representatives. Manufacturer Warranty & Product liability excludes application misuse and/or failure caused due to material corrosion, power surges and/or lightning strikes, moisture ingress , over temperature & over pressure or over flow of units beyond published capabilities. EXCEPT FOR THE LIMITED WARRANTY OF REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT STATED ABOVE, SELLER DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES WHATSOEVER WITH RESPECT TO PRODUCT OR LIABILITY INCL. ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE

Goods Damage or lost in transit

Goods damaged or lost in transit should be reported promptly to carrier. Any claims for loss or damage is the responsibility of the buyer. This includes short supplies.

Unlike traditional measurement philosophies, in today’s market, you have to take a strategic approach to measurement and the correct principle to use. Coriolis, Differential Pressure, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic and so much more. Tek-trol utilizes its knowledge and expertise to provide the right product (and principle), at the right time, providing just the right solution.

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    +12 (0) 345 678 9



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