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The TekValSys ProMet measurement assurance solution provides an independent, specialized, live monitoring solution for fiscal and custody transfer metering to identify and diagnose error source, estimate error size & provide corrective recommendations for a faster and more accurate error & balance management. Our solutions increase operational efficiency and identifies problematic site for LAUF risk reduction. The TekValSys ProMet meets the most stringent of technical requirements and are installed around the world interfacing with numerous Metering and control systems.

In today’s challenging market the TekValySys ProMet measurement assurance solution helps gas distribution companies with live reporting and accounting of the countless, disparate methodologies used on their metering assets and assists in improving the efficiency of the their gas delivery system.

Powered by customized modules TekValSys ProMet measurement assurance solution is able to offer enhanced validation and verification features by gathering holistic system diagnostics data from metering assets and processing with Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence (AI) to not only identify errors but also determine error cause, recommend resolution and also estimate error magnitude for balance.

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