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Application Guide :

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Guided Wave Radar Vs. DP Level Transmitter

Guided Wave Radar vs Differential Pressure Level Transmitter

Differential Pressure (DP) transmitters can be traced back to the 1950s. Since then they have served as one the most popular technologies for fluid level measurement and have left their mark in process industry. The application range is vast and varies from chemical, petrochemical, and refineries to electric power generation and more. Over the years, Differential Pressure transmitters have single handedly dominated the worldwide market of process level measurement instruments with the largest sales volume. DP transmitters have gained popularity as they are versatile, inexpensive, and operationally simple. The panel operators find it extremely easy and convenient to monitor and operate the equipment.

Thermal Mass Vs. Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Coriolis Mass Flowmeter vs Thermal Mass

The two types of mass flow meters predominantly used to detect the mass flow rate of fluids are the Coriolis mass flow meter and the thermal mass flow meter. The Coriolis flow meter measures the mass flow rate of the fluid with respect to a fixed point in the tube. The quantity of fluid flowing past the fixed point in a given amount of time is the mass flow rate of the fluid. Thermal flow meters derive the mass flow rate of the fluid by calculating the cooling effect produced by the fluid in the temperature sensors.

How Do Submersible Liquid Level Sensors Work?

Submersible level sensors are extremely accurate and can take constant level readings in almost any size tank. The Submersible level sensor works by measuring the hydrostatic pressure emitted by a liquid in the tank. Since hydrostatic pressure is a measure of two variables, one being the density of the fluid and the other being the height of the fluid. Assuming that the density of the liquid is constant, then we can correlate the change in hydrostatic pressure to be due to the height of the liquid in the tank.

Overview of Multivariable Transmitters

Overview of Multivariable Transmitters

Multivariable transmitters are a DP transmitter with the ability of not only measuring differential pressure, static pressure, and temperature but other values as well. These values are known as independent process variables, which are used to compensate when there are changes in the media’s density, viscosity, as well as other flow parameters when used as a mass flow meter. When used as a differential flow transmitter, it measures pressure, temperature, and DP pressure all at the same time.

When Should You Use Loop-Powered or Line-Powered?

When Should You Use Loop Powered or Line Powered

Let’s start with the basics Loop-Powered meters have two connections. The reasoning behind why Loop-Powered meters only require two connections, is due to them obtaining their power from the loop itself. This allows for easier installation of a meter if a pre-existing loop already exists proving to be a cost-effective scenario. Line-Powered meters, on the other hand, have four connections. Line-Powered meters have four connections due to the power having to flow into the meter, and then from the meter into the transmitter.

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