About Us

Mission | Vision | Core Values

Our Mission

To become a global leader in instrumentation and process control by providing the highest quality advanced technological products.

Our Vision

Become a dependable and trustworthy partner, dedicated to providing unmatched quality of instrumentation and process control products and services, which exceeds our customer’s expectations each time.

Core Values

  • Ownership and Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Maximize Value
  • Relationship Development
  • Reliable and Trustworthy Business

Our revolutionary tek-nologies meet the needs

Tek-Trol revolutionary tek-nologies meet the needs of various applications across all process industries – including Oil and Gas, Power, Food, Pharma, Biofuels, Chemical, Water and Wastewater and many more.

We monitor and control your processes on-site or remotely, find solutions for simple and more in-depth process within a multitude of industries. Finally, we provide a variety of products for retrofit or greenfield projects. Tek-trol Technology Solutions strives to be your expert partner at every stage of your project.

Fueled by our vision to enhance performance

Our vision is to enhance performance of the world’s instrumentation, automation, and control industries; our products offer reliable results even under extreme conditions.

Working around the five frameworks of innovative product development, Tek-Trol products provide the highest level of safety, while being environmentally conscious, operationally efficient, and easy to operate and maintain. Our products were conceived keeping in mind the current instrumentation needs of the industry.

optimizing process
Always looking at optimizing process

An industry looking at optimizing process efficiency must have process instrument solutions for every production process. Our range of reliable process instruments focuses on providing standardized and customized measurement solutions across industries.

Tek-Trol’s range of products is optimizing process efficiency by measuring liquids and gases, by controlling automated and critical equipment in order to deliver extremely fine control over industrial processes, and by offering analytics solutions that achieve world-class quality.

Tek-Trol provides wide range of Instruments

We provides a wide range of instruments for every flow application that optimizes your processes, gives maximum efficiency, and helps minimize costs. Tek-Trol’s level measurement instruments are easy-to-use, reliable, and accurate.

Our instruments suit every application in liquid, solid, and interface measurement. Tek-Trol’s wide range of pressure and temperature sensors and transmitters are suitable for high and low pressure and temperature applications and deliver compelling reliability and accuracy.


Our Vision

Tek-trol is a global company that provides unique and cutting edge technology solutions for all power, process , oil and gas industries. We specialize in a flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement, while providing exemplary customer service to form a dependable and trustworthy partnership.

Our goal is to become the preferred instrumentation , automation and control partner for industries across the globe. Our products and services assist in optimizing your company’s processes, thereby increasing efficiency, as well as safety and ultimately minimizing costs. 

We view all your process problems as a chance to do our best. We approach a problem and ask, "Why not? Why can't something be done?" and we then find a solution to do it.

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