The provision of adequate water supply is essential for the development of entire regions. Tek-Trol provides highly advanced, market-oriented, and cost-effective measuring instruments and customized and fully equipped solutions. Our technology and products improve the performance of plants.


The screening process is a post treatment of pre-treatment. Water treatment is start at the screening process. In this process large particles (such as fish, wood, paper, plastic) are removed from the raw water. A large metal screen is used for screening, which is also called a bar-screen. It removes large particles which are trapped on the screen. The Bar Screen is made of stainless steel and is located at the front of the water source intake. The inlet level in screening process is measure by Tek-Trol’s Submersible Level, Ultrasonic Level, and Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitters. These screens are routinely raked or cleaned. The screenings can be discharged into containers, wash compactors, screw conveyors, conveyor belts, etc. Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter and Differential Pressure Transmitter are measured inlet flow and pressure of water, respectively sealing at the sides prevents solids from circumventing the filter. The level of containers is measured by Tek-Trol’s Submersible Level Transmitter.


It is mostly used for backwater water disposal. The filter consists of a steel body with two low-pressure floors and a bottom plate. Tek-Trol’s Differential Pressure Transmitter is used to control the backwash. This bottom plate is welded onto the body where wash heads are mounted. The filter’s operation is calculated by the filtration rate, which is controlled at the effluent outlet. The inflow of gravity is adjusted for the head of water in the supported reservoir always remains constant. This inflow of blackwash and water is measure by Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter. The filtration rate is controlled by flow, level, and pressure measurement device. Tek-Trol’s Ultrasonic Level and Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitters are used to monitor the level of contamination of the filter. Sand filtration is frequently used in the treatment of groundwater to remove dissolved iron.


Coagulation and Flocculation are used to remove color, turbidity, and other microorganisms from water. The floc is separated by sedimentation or filtration in the water treatment process. The most used coagulants are aluminium sulphate and ferric sulphate. Coagulants are measure at a rate determined by raw water quality near the inlet of a mixing tank or flocculator. Tek-Trol’s Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter is used to measure inlet level of mixing tank. The coagulant is immediately and fully dispersed on treatment by adding it at a point of high disturbance. The water passes the flocculate into the sedimentation tank (also known as a clarifier) to allow aggregation of the flocs, which settle out to form sludge. The water and inlet flow is measure by Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter. This sludge needs to be removed. Coagulation is reduced the time required to settle out suspended solids. Coagulation effectively removes the fine particles which difficult to remove. It can also remove many protozoa, bacteria, and viruses.
Sedimentation does not remove enough suspended particles from the water to make it crystal clear. The remaining non-settling particles cause turbidity in the water and protect microbes from disinfection. Filtration removes these non-settled particles. Clarified water enters the filters from the top. Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter is used to measure water flow. Gravity pulls the water down through the filters, where it collects in a drain system at the bottom of the unit. The air pressure in filtration process is measure through Tek-Trol’s Differential Pressure Transmitter. There are various types of materials used in filters, i.e., sand and gravel. Most of the process plants are using granular activated carbon for excellent mechanical filtration of particulate matter. Solid Suspended particles are trapped by the filter media pore spaces, which removes harmful protozoa and natural color. Gas exchange is a chemical process that removes bacteria and viruses from the water. Adsorption process removes unwanted tests, odor, and micropollutants from the drinking water.
Ion exchange is a reversible chemical reaction that removes dissolved ions from water and replaces them with similarly charged ions. It is used to remove other dissolved ionic species. Tek-Trol’s Ultrasonic Level Transmitter is used for level measurement and control. The Ion exchange process is commonly referred to as ‘water softening’ and is carried out to reduce calcium and magnesium content. These ion particles are removed by aeration method. The aeration process is designed to achieve the efficient mass transfer of oxygen into water and the removal of gases and volatile compounds through air stripping. The flow of efficient mass is measure by Tek-Trol’s Coriolis Flow Meter. Oxygen transfer can usually be achieved by a simple cascade or diffusion of air into water. Stripping of gases or volatile compounds require specialized plant which provides a high degree of mass transfer. Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter is used for water flow measurement in Ion Exchange process.


The membrane filtration process includes micro-filtration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis. The membrane is a thin and porous sheet of material that can separate contaminants from water when a driving force is applied. This treatment is commonly used to remove bacteria, other microorganisms, particulate material, and natural organic material. Membrane filtration is a highly efficient water treatment process, which ensures quality in measurement. In this process, flow is used as the primary process parameter. Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter is used to measure flow to filters. Accurate quality monitoring eliminates scaling and fouling processes at the inlet.


The stored water is distributed through underground pipelines in homes, commercial areas, and the markets. Tek-Trol’s Differential pressure Flow Meter are used for DP flow measurement and Electromagnetic Flow Meter is used for full pipes flow measurement. The distribution system consists of large water pumps at the treatment plant, overhead water storage tanks, large pipelines, smaller pipelines, fire hydrants, valves, and water meters in your front yard. Tek-Trol’s Differential Pressure Transmitter is used for pump discharge and network pressure measurement.


Traditional measurement systems now belong in the past; today, you have to make a smart choice when it comes to choosing between the various measurement principles - Coriolis, Differential Pressure, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, etc. Tek-Trol knows how to do it right.

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