Tektrol is a top provider of technology and solutions for the marine markets, focused on enhancing productivity, safety, and security while reducing costs. They offer customized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs and operational requirements, leveraging their extensive experience and expertise. Tektrol is dedicated to helping businesses stay ahead in the constantly evolving marine markets by providing innovative and exceptional service.


Ballast water treatment systems are essential to prevent the spread of harmful aquatic species when transferring ballast water in the marine markets. These systems utilize filtration, UV irradiation, and chemical additives to neutralize organisms present in ballast water. Flowmeters are crucial for accurate Flow data and controlling the dosing of additives, while level measurements maintain draught, trim, list, and determine ballast water levels in different tanks. Inadequate treatment and level measurements could jeopardize ship stability and the health of marine ecosystems.


The Cargo Monitoring System (CMS) is essential on marine vessels as it provides real-time information on liquid level, pressure, and temperature in cargo and ballast tanks, ensuring the safety and structural integrity of the vessel during loading and unloading. The CMS helps maintain stability, load compensation, and detect malfunctions that could compromise the vessel’s safety. The system measures various factors in different tanks, such as level, point level, and pressure, depending on the cargo being transported. Overall, the CMS is a critical tool in the marine markets, preventing costly delays and scheduling disruptions.


Marine vessels utilize considerable fuel for various operations, including propulsion, energy production, and other processes. Fuel expenses constitute a signifficant portion of the overall operating costs for commercial vessels. Due to declining freight rates, owners are compelled to increase efficiency. Furthermore, IMO and EU regulations require operators and owners to report each vessel’s fuel consumption and effluent emissions. Some charter operators need electronic fuel monitoring systems to meet their environmentally responsible profile. Electronic Fuel Management Systems (EFMS) and performance monitoring systems are utilized to monitor fuel consumption and emissions accurately. Flow meters monitor each offtake point for accurate fuel consumption accounting.


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