IoT Monitoring Solution

IoT Monitoring Solution

Digitize your process instrumentation through Tek-Trol’s one-stop IoT (Internet of Things) Monitoring Solution. IoT Monitoring Solution helps connect your products, plants, systems remotely, enabling you to tackle the wealth of data achieved with advanced analytics. It also connects real things to the digital world and provides powerful industry applications and digital services to help drive business success. IoT Monitoring Solution achieves new heights of systems digital performance through automation, optimization, and future-proofing. It is the right solution for all process plants for constant end-to-end communication.

Tek-Cloud IoT Monitoring Solution

Tek-Trol’s Tek-Cloud IoT Monitoring Solution platform connects across a wide range of applications such as flow, level, temperature, and pressure with multiple industries worldwide with comprehensive instruments, hardware, and software solutions. This system is fully featured with powerful graphing features, voice/SMS/email alarm callouts, and data import and export support, all packaged in an all-inclusive package that brings remote field data to you anytime, anywhere. Tek-Cloud IoT Monitoring Solution platform provides real-time data for Oil & Gas, Environment, Water & Wastewater, Smart City, and more applications. We provide 24/7 phone support to technical personnel to help with end device setup, product design, and certifications.

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