The monitoring of incoming wastewater should be sufficient to identify the characteristics which would affect the operation and
performance efficiency of the plant. Tek-Trol offers unique wastewater solutions tailored to these requirements for proper operation
of wastewater treatment plants. We offer cost effective and safe products as they are easy to operate and maintain while increasing
productivity. Our Flow, Level, Pressure instrumentation provide accurate and reliable measurement in Wastewater Treatment
process plant.


In the preliminary process, the purpose of Wastewater Intake and Mechanical Treatment which is also known as primary treatment is to remove from the wastewater some of large solids which can clog or damage pumps or interface with subsequent treatment process. Tek-Trol’s Ultrasonic Level, Hydrostatic Pressure Level and Differential Pressure Transmitter are used for pumping pressure measurement screen control and Electromagnetic Flow Meter which measures the inlet flow.


Biological Treatment is also called secondary treatment and is used when more organic solids in suspension or solution than the receiving water could accept if only primary / Wastewater Intake and Mechanical Treatment are used. Biological treatment depends primarily on aerobic and anaerobic processes. Biological aerobic break down organic wastes using normal cellular processes, producing inorganic and stable organic solids. Tek- Trol’s Integral Orifice Assemblies and Orifice Flanges and Plates are used for volume and mass flow of air to aeration lanes.


Effluent Line is also known as Disinfection where some suspended solid particles are removed in the filtration process. Tek-Trol’s Ultrasonic Level and Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters are used for level measurement and control in filtration process.

Waste activated sludge (WAS) or untreated solids are further processed in the stabilization process. This sludge is collected from
the secondary settling tanks and pumped to the primary settling tanks. Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter is used to measure
flow between secondary and primary settling tanks. This waste activated sludge is co-settled with primary sludge in the primary
settling tank. The co-settled sludge is automatically pumped to one of the two primary digesters for stabilization.

Stabilization is an anaerobic digestion process. This process occurs at the highest temperature i.e., 90 ˚F to 95˚F and takes over some time (minimum 15 days) for volatile organic substances are converted to methane (CH4) and Carbon dioxide (CO2). The process takes place in an airtight reactor (digester). The resulting stabilized solids have a greatly reduced pathogen content. These stabilized solids are pumped to the two secondary digesters or the sludge storage tank, where additional low-rate stabilization occurs. The open tank and sludge digester level is measure by Tek-Trol’s Non-contacting Radar Level Transmitter in digester and methane storage process.


Sludge dewatering reduces the liquid volume of sludge. In this process, digested sludge is sent through large centrifuges. The flow of sludge is measure by Tek-Trol’s Electromagnetic Flow Meter. These large centrifuges operate like the spin cycle of a washing machine. The force of the centrifuges separates most of the water from the solids in the sludge, creating biosolids. Tek-Trol’s Hydrostatic Pressure Level Transmitter is used for DP level and control. Dewatering the sludge with a dewatering filter press significantly reduces its weight and volume before disposal. In this process, filter presses produce excellent cake dryness as compared to other filtration equipment.


Traditional measurement systems now belong in the past; today, you have to make a smart choice when it comes to choosing between the various measurement principles - Coriolis, Differential Pressure, Ultrasonic, Electromagnetic, etc. Tek-Trol knows how to do it right.

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