The mining plays a crucial role in the global economy but faces various challenges, such as harsh operating conditions and environmental impacts. Tektrol provides flow monitoring solutions that can help optimize mining operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs while maintaining a well-balanced and optimized mineral processing operation. With Tektrol’s products, mining companies can improve cost-effectiveness, increase plant uptime, meet safety standards, and achieve the best product yield.


Excavation in the mining is a critical process that involves several stages and requires careful planning to ensure worker safety and minimize environmental impact. The process involves significant investments in equipment, labor, and infrastructure, but advanced measurement technologies can optimize production and reduce costs. Efficient excavation management is essential for protability, and sustainable practices are necessary to reduce the environmental impact. By adopting best practices and advanced technologies, the excavation process can be carried out safely, efficiently, and sustainably.


Transport processes play a crucial role in the mining, and accurate measurement is necessary to ensure efficiency and smooth operations. Level measurement is vital in torpedo cars and the sintering plant, while mass flow measurement on conveyor belts is required to monitor the amount of material being transported. Using advanced measurement technologies, mining operations can optimize production, reduce downtime, and minimize


The mining heavily relies on storage tanks and silos for raw materials, intermediate, and final products. To ensure the safe and efficient handling of materials, accurate and reliable level measurement and point level detection systems are required. Buffer tank pressure measurement is also critical for maintaining the processing pressure of certain materials. Toxic liquid storage tanks must have proper level measurement and point level detection to prevent leaks and ensure safe handling. In contrast, accurate level measurement is required to efficiently excellent equipment in the coolant tank. Overall, the mining needs a comprehensive approach to storage and handling, including reliable level measurement and point-level detection systems


Grinding is a process in the mining that reduces the are size for downstream processing. Large rotating mills containing steel balls or rods crush the ore into smaller particles. The process is divided into primary and secondary grinding stages, using SAG and ball mills, respectively. The efficiency of the grinding process is essential for maximizing mineral recovery and minimizing energy consumption during downstream processing.


The mining relies heavily on level and density measurements to ensure safe and efficient operations. These measurements are critical in various processes, such as feeding materials into machines, maintaining proper mixing and preventing overflow, maintaining temperature and pressure, preventing dry running and overfilling, and monitoring the efficiency and concentration of minerals.


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