DProBar Multiport Self-Averaging Flow Meter


The Tek-DP 1650A DProbar is a multiport self-averaging flow meter (SAFM). Its classical and modern proven design is associated with averaging pitot tubes for clean process fluid measurement applications. It is a primary flow meter for measuring gas, liquid and vapors flowing in the pipelines and ducts based on principles of differential pressure measurement (DP). The diamond-shaped multiport design is available with identical up and downstream ports for bi-directional flow measurement applications.

Normally pitot tube sensors develop vortex pulses, which vary according to fluid flowrate changes. The diamond shape tube sensor and its strategically placed sharp edge fix the fluid separation point to compensate for this vortex effect. A 1650A DProbar meter comprises four basic components, an Outer impact /external averaging tube (Manufactured from a One-Piece Construction) Internal averaging tube, a Low-pressure chamber, and DP Head with HP and LP impulse connections.

Due to the DProbar design, average composite static pressures are developed in the outer impact or external averaging tube and the internal averaging tube to provide higher accuracy and performance. This averaged static and pressure head is read at the meter head. The low-pressure value is located at a sensing port-hole in the downstream section (rear) of the tube assembly, enabling flow rates to be correctly calculated. This averaging technique also helps to compensate for specific non-ideal fluid flow velocity profiles and offers superior measurement accuracy over a wider flow range than basic Pitot tube designs.

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