Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Tek-Flux 1400A Electromagnetic flow meter, also called Magmeters, it is a contact instrument used for measuring the volumetric flowrates of any fluid which can adequately conduct electricity in closed pipelines. These instruments are highly accurate, reliable, and stable devices that are used in various high-pressure industrial processes. Tek-Flux 1400A flow meter operates on the basis of Faraday’s Law of Induction. According to this principle, any change in the magnetic flux, linked to an electric circuit, causes an electromotive force (or voltage) to be induced in this circuit. The induced voltage is therefore directly proportional to the rate of change of magnetic flux with time. It can measure highly corrosive mediums such as concentrated acid and concentrated alkaline using PTFE lining material. By using Titanium electrodes, we can measure seawater, various chloride, and hypo-chloride fluids

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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