Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter


Tek-Flux 1400B Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter is used to measure the flow rate of a variety of conductive liquids. It functions according to the fundamental principle of Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic Induction, which describes the relationship between an electrical conductor and the voltage it generates when moving within a magnetic field.

In an Electromagnetic Flow Meter, a magnetic field is generated by a pair of diametrically placed electrical coils mounted external to the flow tube. As the conductive liquid passes through this Electromagnetic field, an electrical voltage is induced in the liquid, which is directly proportional to its velocity. This induced voltage is perpendicular to the directions of both the liquid flow and the electromagnetic field. A pair of diametrically placed electrodes mounted along the inner wall of the flow tube and in the direction of the induced voltage, sense this induced voltage. The sensed voltage is further processed by the Transmitter to indicate the flow rate and generate a standard output signal proportional to the measured flow rate.

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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