Bluetooth Radar Level Transmitter


Tek-Wave 4300B FMCW Bluetooth Radar Level Transmitter offers continuous non-contact level measurement. It is a perfect application for water treatment, storage tanks, open basins, pump/lift stations, sewer management rain overflow basins and level monitoring. This non-contact 80GHz radar transmitter helps save money and time through its Bluetooth technology for commissioning, operation, and maintenance. It is simple, safe, secure, and can be accessed remotely via Bluetooth.

Tek-Wave 4300B FMCW Bluetooth Radar Level Transmitter is a perfect application fit for water & wastewater and utilities in all industries. Additionally, this Bluetooth Radar Level Transmitter’s unique radar chip design makes it the most compact radar that perfectly fits in space-limited applications. It continuously measures various liquid and solid levels too in simple applications that demand lower pressure and temperature ranges.

chemical industry

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